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A New Market to Focus On

Traditional business firms and banks would ask for collateral and past financial history reports in their application process. This made it difficult for the entrepreneurs to apply and then wait until the approval. It was set-up in a way to discourage anybody to apply for any type of business loan. Thus, the banks would only accept high profile businesses that have been in the industry for many years and with an extensive financial history. This left out the possibility of entrepreneurs that were starting out, to go and seek for financial help. Now we can recognize the various types of scenarios that might be involved in a business loan.

Equipment financing is one of the most popular reasons business owners seek funding. They notice increased production and realize that, if they had more instruments and resources, those will definitely take their business to the next level. We sought to help these entrepreneurs in their decisions, not only with capital but with funding solutions that are within reach for every business, big or small. Let us give you an edge with the tools you need, and financial insights we have to offer.

Whether you are working toward financial security, providing a steady stream of income, or planning for retirement, we can help simplify your finances. Finance+ can provide access to a wide range of quality investments and services to pursue your financial goals.

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“Best customer support in the business. Fast, took care of all my concern, and went the extra miles for me. I highly recommend the team at FIG”

“Really great working with FIG Funding, from start to finish they helped me lay out my options to get my business what it needed. Great customer support and assistance. I highly recommend them.”

“Very helpful, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted but the experts at FIG really helped me weigh out my options for what was best for my business.”

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